Saturday, March 03, 2012

Chori Chori

Out of my not so busy life.. Out of my lazy life.. I toook lot of moments to listen to this track and found it soul touching.. So just to post the lyrics of the song.. Also the music is gud and it has been taken by Indian film "Lekin" with Lyrics of Gulzar and sung by Lata ji.. The indian song is "Yaara Sili Sili..."

The original Lyrics are:
duniya toh jhakana te main
pyar tera rakha ,,,,
ve main chori chori tere naal
laa layna akhaan ve ,,,,

ma-payan di laz main tere lai gawai ve
tu te anjaan saadi kadar na paai ve
phir vi main jhali ho ke raah tera takaa
ve main chori chori tere ,,,,

pyar peeche har koi mittiyan vi chhan daa
disda na ik pal vaeri meri jaan da
ae te main jaandi haan
tenu mere jehiyan lakha
ve main chori chori tere ,,,,

changayan main jhata tenu lakha jind jaan tu
rag gayiyan bhanwe biba jag toh jahan toh
das "manzoor" kive dil nu main dakaan
ve main chori chori tere...

Note: I have been listening this track continuously for 3 hours now :)

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Thursday, March 01, 2012


Multitasking. Finding you abilities. Defining the priorities.
From last some days i am stuck with lot of these thoughts and found that i am not gaining anything with multitasking.
I cannot multitask and it sucks but that's my ability and i need to do workaround for that.
Based on the above two thoughts, I have taken a decision: Prioritize ur day.
Things to do:
1. Morning each day (after all the basic morning chores), sit for 15 min and decide what is best for you for the day.
2. Once identified, check how much can be done on that day.
3. For making priorities, u need to have a long term goal and you need to work around that.
4. Prioritize your day keeping in mind your long term goal (how any act today will take you closer to your long term goal), health (never mess up with your health). But when you go towards your long term goal, your current tasks may go into bad situation. So to overcome that, its better to slowly get away from them and not in one go.

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