Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Agneepath Review

Indian actors have become mature now. I liked the acting of all the actors involved. Rishi Kapoor looked awesome and he acted very well in the movie. Sanjay was more of a look than dialogues (Geeta fame).
I will not write much about Hrithik because he acted well but cannot be compared with Amitabh..
They used the characters but could write a better story for them.. The movie tries to take shape in first part but moves from the basic plot in the second half..
The devil look of Sanjay Dutt created an impression that killing him would be impossible and the fight sequence in the end was good to confirm that.. I liked the characters in the movie but not the movie story and dialogues..
Not every-time u can use Epics like Mahabharat to make your dialogues.. they did not create much effect..
At the start of the movie itself the way they have presented the poem part was not convincing.. it was not the way a Hariwansh Rai Bacchan poem can be recited..
In all, will give 2.5 out of 5 to Agneepath. But all directors need to "kar shapath", no more remakes, no more remakes..