Saturday, February 11, 2012

Job Switch

I have been procrastinating a lot about it. Tried a lot of methods but nothing works. So to stick with the schedule and to keep my blogging alive, I will post my whole plan with this post and also the plan for next day.
So here it how it will work. I will post plan for next day before sleeping and do whatever i can and then come back with whatever i learn. Write little about what i learn and then plan for next day accordingly.

Full Plan:
1. Without any distraction - Work (make 100 programs) on C.
2. After getting some fluency with C, I will move to C++. Again make 100 programs. This time lets make 50 more.
3. Then Start with Data structures. Make 30 programs.
4. Sorting and Searching. Make 50 programs.
5. Algorithms. Make programs till u understand each and every one of them. :)

Fifth point looks very lengthy but till then i will be capable and can start working on Job switch. Before that a BIG NO to all job interviews. Even if they attact.

Now tomorrow's plan:
1. Read first 10 questions of C-faq.
2. Make 3 basic programs in C.

Ok. That looks easy but i don't wanna overload myself on the very first day :D

Note: If u feel this is more personal information, then u must know this is a personal blog and i did not give you the link to this post. :P