Sunday, February 12, 2012

Start Building dynamic part of the Website

When i decided to go with amazon ec2 for hosting my web site, i knew that i have to configure it on Linux.
To create a web site u need to first do following:
1. Start learning the HTML, CSS and javascript. They will help you in creating the static part of website.
2. Choose the language for dynamic part of website. It's mostly on the choice or the programming languages you already know.

I have chosen PHP as it is very fast (and i think it is easy to learn).

So let's start setting up PHP for web development. :)
1. Search for "setting PHP and mysql in ubuntu" in google. :)
    You will get links for various versions of Ubuntu. Now you need to know which version on you are.. (if u already know ignore next bullet).
2. cat /etc/issue: This will show you the Ubuntu version. For me it shows this:
    Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS
3. Now add this version to your google search. Bingo!! You are feeling lucky :)
4. I have used this Link to setup rest of the details.
5. You can test your site by typing localhost in your web browser.

Now start learning PHP. More on PHP in later blogs.